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Once upon a time, there lived a man who was nicknamed Mr. Miser. No one knows his real name, because everyone calls him Mr. Miser.  He has a lot of […]

Have you seen the tabebuia plant? Tall trees, beautiful flowers. Many people mistake it for cherry blossoms. Originally from Brazil The Tabebuia tree (Chrysotricha) comes from Brazil and South America. […]

Aliens are often referred to as extraterrestrials. In various films, aliens are often presented as creatures with big heads or big eyes. However, what does the outer space creature actually […]

Buffalo is a mammal typical of Africa and Asia. They live in forests, swamps, and meadows near water. Well, here are some interesting facts about buffalo! Baca juga: Do You […]

Hanhan the owl couldn’t clearly see objects that were nearby.  He could see stars in the night sky.  When sitting on a tree branch, he could also see ants walking […]

This city in Spain is very unique! Imagine, there are many buildings with rock cliff roofs. Its name is the City of Setenil de las Bodegas. Between the Rock This […]

This eagle looks cute and funny. On its head, there are feathers that look like a crest. However, actually, this harpy eagle is not as cute as its face. Baca […]

One cold and rather dark day, Mr. Badger came out of his house. He wanted to buy the evening newspaper. But on the way, he found a baby lost in […]

Sasa doesn’t like being the smallest seahorse. When the family rests, they often curl their long tails into the seaweed. Since Sasa’s tail is still weak, she should be in […]

A poor grandmother lived in a shabby hut. She is usually called Grandma Pia. In her small yard, a rose plant grows. However, the plant never blooms. Just leaves and […]

Wow, cool! Now there are many robots that can deliver drinks and food. During a pandemic like this, these robots can reduce human contact. Thus, they can prevent the spread […]

Red Lightning is an animal car from the 1980s. He was named so because there is a painting of lightning on the left and right side of his body. Mr. […]

Cianna is a beautiful, smart, and brave girl. She has 7 older brothers who work as woodcutters. Cianna loves to make rosemary-scented buns and delivers them to the forest for […]

In addition to the figures of kings, queens, princesses, princes, and animals, it turns out that there are also many fruits that appear in fairy tales. Wow, what kind of […]