Do You Know? A Plate of Colorful Servings from Various Countries

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How does it feel when colorful vegetables are put together on a plate? Definitely healthy! Because fiber and nutrients in vegetables are needed by our body. Well, here are the menus of vegetables are put together on a plate from various countries that we need to taste!

Dal Bhat

Dal bhat is one of the typical Nepalese food. The word “Dal” is the name of a kind of soup menu and “Bhat” means rice. The filling of this soup is beans. In addition to rice and soup, the dal bhat menu also features stir-fried vegetables, pickles, and spicy chili sauce. There are also those who use chicken or fish.

Flower Sushi

The appearance of this menu is like a flower arrangement, yes! Shhh… even though this is a sushi countryman. Usually, sushi consists of rice, fish, and wrapped in seaweed or nori, right? Well, the flower sushi in Taiwan is different. This Taiwanese sushi contains a variety of flowers and vegetables. The flowers are also colorful. Wrapped in cone-shaped seaweed. Unique, yes! Have you ever tasted flower sushi like this?


This menu is very popular in Middle Eastern and African countries. Tabbouleh is a menu similar to a vegetable salad. The filling consists of wheat germ, parsley leaves, mint leaves, scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and drenched in lemon juice. There are also those with sliced red onions and honey. Wow, what’s that like, huh? Absolutely delicious and fresh!

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This is a typical Filipino stir-fry dish. It contains various kinds of vegetables. There are bitter melon, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, pumpkin, and long beans. Sometimes added shrimp or fish. Can you imagine what it was like?

Rica Rodo

If this one menu, of course, many friends know the taste. Yes, rica rodo is a typical Manado dish. It contains corn, purple eggplant, long beans, chili, and basil. Rica rodo is very fragrant because it is cooked using a lot of spices!

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