English Story: An Embarrassing Story

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During the school holidays, Indah and her friends went cycling. She went cycling with Winda, Ega, Septyan, and Ratih. They went cycling to Ega’s garden to pick some grapes. Ega’s garden is located in Gadong Rupek. Gadong Rupek is a grape plantation that is owned by villagers.

Before they went to the garden, they gathered together in Winda’s House. Indah, Winda, Septyan, and Ratih were ready to go, but Ega had not come yet. Then, they decided to wait for Ega. After a few minutes, finally, Ega came to Winda’s house, and then they went to Ega’s garden together. On the way, they met Ariyasa. Ariyasa is Indah’s friend too. Ariyasa joined with them to go to Ega’s garden.

After they arrived in Gadong Rupek, they picked up some grapes and ate them immediately. Instead of picked up some grapes, they were also playing in there. So, their body became dirty and then they decided to clean their bodies in the river near the garden. As they saw the water of the river was clean, they were playing there, too.

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When they got bored, they decided to go home. On the way, they met a woman that brought a wagon that contained grasses. As the path they passed is not wide enough and too narrow for them to pass it together at the same time, the woman tried to keep away from them, but unfortunately, the woman fell down to the creek near that path. They felt guilty for that woman, they helped her stand up and picked up some grass, and put it in the wagon. After saying sorry to the woman, they continued their trip home.

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