Song Chord: Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow by Rachie

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Halo semua! Ini adalah chord untuk lagu berjudul “Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow (Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan)” oleh Rachie. Lagu aslinya berbahasa jepang yang musiknya dibuat oleh Orangestar dan dinyayikan oleh IA. Kamu bisa mendengarkan lagu aslinya disini dan versi cover oleh Rachie disini.

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Key: C
Original Key: G#

Verse 1:
I do whatever I want to
I fight who I don’t like, I’m a rebel through and through
Without a single hope for the future
I wanted so badly to live within a dream

And yet I’m still afraid of the future,
While hating tomorrow, wish things were the way they were
But time it stops for no one, and so I shout,
“I don’t want, I don’t want, don’t want tomorrow to come”

Pre-Chorus 1:
So as I left the old me behind
The moon starts to set, the sun starts to rise
Just like it always does but then something changed
When you took my hand in yours

Chorus 1:
Seeing the stars illuminate the sky
The constellations shining bright
“Hey how bout you and I, welcome tomorrow home with a smile?”

“But if it all just leads up to a dream
At least let me change my yesterday”
I won’t say, no I won’t say those things
So as we welcome tomorrow let me
Just keep on smiling

Verse 2:
Ever since the faithful day we met, I thought that the world had changed
And yet no matter how I hoped it’d be, my future remained the same

But even so it’s no lie, no way I can deny,
The sky that we watched that day was so divine
I’ll never forget her
I put an end to it all so that I could remember

Pre-Chorus 2:
The times that I dreamt that I flew way up high in the sky
Or even just dreams of walking alone
I begged and I begged and I begged for some way to get by
To break this dream cause I can’t ever do that no

“Hey, don’t just wait, and make it happen instead”
Eh, is that what you said?

Chorus 3:
I think that I might go to see you, who knows, tomorrow
Even if I don’t see you tonight
I know that both of us are gonna be alright

Later then, sky arrow
Let’s smile a rainbow of colours

I’ll be by your side in the future, so I shout out
Remember me forever, whenrever and whoever we may be…”


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