Do You Know? Typical Bread from Various Countries

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Bread is a food that everyone can enjoy. In fact, in some countries, bread is a staple food.

Baguette from France

Have you seen the typical French bread? It was the bread that was shaped like a stick and hard on the outside. Usually, this bread is about 65 cm long. This bread called baguette is often used as a daily meal.

Baguette bread is made from flour, yeast, water, and salt. All the ingredients are mixed together, then the dough is left overnight. The next day, the bread dough was baked for approximately two hours.

Well, to eat baguette bread, we can cut it into several parts. Then, we spread with butter and mashed garlic, then bake for a while. Hmmm… yummy!

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Tortilla from Mexico

Besides being famous for its salsa sauce, Mexico also has a special bread called flatbread or tortilla. The name tortilla comes from the word torta which means round.

Oh yes, tortilla bread is made from ground corn. But there are also those made from wheat. Tortillas made from ground corn have a distinctive aroma and are very popular in Mexico and beyond. Because it tastes bland, tortillas are usually eaten and dipped in various sauces. It can be in the form of minced meat sauce, cheese, and vegetables.

PretzelĀ from Germany

This bread is shaped like a ribbon. The surface is glossy dark brown. On it was a sprinkling of coarse salt. The surface of this brown bread is dry and hard. While the inside is white, it feels soft.

Pretzels are made from wheat, yeast, and water. Before baking, the pretzel dough that has been formed is first dipped in baking soda water. The sparkling water is what makes the surface of the pretzels dry, dark brown, and shiny. Because the outside is dry, the pretzels are durable and filling.

Pretzels come from Bavaria, southern Germany. In their hometown, pretzels have become a popular snack. Now, pretzels are easy to find everywhere, even in Indonesia. The shape of pretzels has also varied, apart from being in the form of ribbons, there are also those in the form of sticks.

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Melon Pan from Japan

Melon pan is a sweet bread that comes from the Kobe region, Japan. Called melon pan not because it tastes like melon, but because this bread resembles a melon. The outside of this sweet bread is baked, the shape of this bread looks like a melon.

The top of the melon bread was crispy and crunchy, with a layer of biscuit covering it. Melon pan is also given various fillings, such as chocolate, cheese, and strawberry jam. Well, because many call it like a melon, many cake shops then give the taste of melon, melon jam, to sliced melon for the filling.

Bagels from Poland

At first glance, this bread looks like a donut. Because they both have a hole in the middle. A bagel is a round loaf of bread that originated in Poland. Bagels are bigger than donuts. The outside of the bagel is dark brown. Usually, the outside of the bagel is sprinkled with black, white, and poppy seeds before baking.

Well, to eat a bagel, some divide it into two parts, then give it a filling such as lettuce, cheese, smoked meat, mayonnaise, and sauce. Wow, so it’s like a sandwich, yes!

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