English Story: Ride a Bicycle

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My hobby is cycling. Every Sunday morning, my friends and I are always cycling. We circled the city. This activity is a fun relaxing activity.

Every now and then we choose to walk around the city at night, i.e. Saturday night or Sunday night. We start from the square and will come back again to the square.

I was at the forefront as the leader of the group. That night I was very excited. Without feeling, I pedal too fast. In fact, the condition of the streets is a bit dark. Unbeknownst to me, the condition of the road in front of me was bad. Lots of holes here and there. I stumbled, then fell. My friends tried to help me.

That incident made me more careful when cycling. Luckily I only suffered minor injuries.

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Finally, we were able to return to the square safely. Then, we enjoyed hot coffee at a coffee shop not far from there. Satisfied hanging out at the coffee shop, we went back to our respective homes.

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