Do You Know? Fun Sports with Family at Home

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Even though at this time we still have a lot to learn at home, we must remain active in exercising so that the body remains healthy and fit. So, here are some tips to make exercising at home fun.

Do it Together

Do you remember when we played sports together at school? Wow, exciting and fun, yes! Come on, let’s invite people at home to exercise together so that it’s fun and the body becomes fit. We choose the type of sport that can be done together, such as gymnastics. We can lead gymnastics or look for gymnastic videos, then we follow the movements together. If done together, of course, it will be more enthusiastic to exercise.

Physical Games

If our family members don’t like sports, invite them to do physical activities by playing! For example, hide squat, hide and seek, crank, or jump rubber. To make it more exciting, we can agree on the rules of the game ourselves. In fact, we and our families can make our own games. Fun and exciting, right?

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Make a Race

When participating in competitions, we will try hard because we are motivated to win. Well, let’s try to apply it at home. The trick, we make a competition and provide prizes that are liked by all family members. For example, the winner is relieved of a day’s homework assignment.

Well, so that the competition is more pronounced, we can choose sports in pairs or groups. This competition will definitely make us exercise diligently and make the atmosphere more exciting.

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