Do You Know? Train Signals

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Train Signal serves to secure incoming, outgoing, or at the station trains. Now let’s talk about what a train signal is.

Machinist Pointing Signal

If the highway has a traffic light or a traffic light, the railroad has a signal. Yup! The signal is the same as a traffic light. The colors used are the same. Red for stop, yellow for caution, and green for go.

Because the train can only run on one line, the traffic lights on the road must be obeyed by the driver. So that there will be no collisions.


The place where passengers get on and off at the station is called the platform. Well, when we want to get on the train, we have to pay attention to which platform our train will pass. Don’t get the wrong platform, okay! Because trains only run on one line, right? Oh yes, while on the platform, we have to stand behind the yellow platform safety line, yes. This is to keep us safe, from being hit by a train.


The slogans are signs for controlling rail traffic. The signs or mottos are symbolized by numbers. For example: the motto 40, 35, 7, or 2.

Well, for those who often ride the train, you may have seen the slogan 40. When the train was about to leave, there was a train officer who raised a green round board in front of the train. The sign means the motto 40. Now, after seeing the motto 40, the conductor must answer by sounding the whistle. Tuuuit….. The sound of the whistle is called slogan 41. Well, when the driver is ready, he will press the train horn “teeeet…” The sound of the horn is called slogan 35. The response between these slogans indicates that the train will depart soon.

For short-distance trains, the motto 40 is usually replaced by the sound motto. For example, “The train to Bekasi is safe, please go!” Then, the driver replied with a slogan 35.

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Langsir or langsiran is the movement of a series of train carriages or locomotives to change rail lines. Usually, langsir is guided by a langsir master, who is an expert. It takes special skills to move the train to another line. Moreover, when trying to assemble a locomotive with a train carriage.


Well, if this wesel means an intersection on the railroad tracks. Use it for a place to move the direction of the railroad. Wesel consists of a pair of rails whose ends are tapered so as to facilitate the movement of trains from one track to another by sliding the tapered part of the rail.

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