Do You Know? Water Treatment Process

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The journey of water from the source to the house to become clean water is quite long. The water goes through a strict treatment process to make it fit for use and consumption. Well, here are the stages of the process.

Water Retrieval

The water supplied to the house is taken from natural freshwater sources. Usually from rivers, lakes, or reservoirs. There are buildings that are specially made to draw water from this source.

In the building, there is a tool to filter objects carried by water. The filtered water is accommodated in a large tub and then distributed to the cleansing site.

Water Purification

The water that has been taken must be treated so that it is clear, odorless, and does not contain harmful substances. There are several stages of this water purification, namely:

1. Precipitation

In this first bath, dirt and particles in the water are separated or known as coagulation. The trick can be chemical with the addition of certain substances. It can also be used with fast stirring.

Water that has been mixed with these substances then settles dirty. The dirt that looks like mud settles to the bottom.

2. Filtering

After the dirt settles, the water at the top looks clearer. However, this water cannot be used directly. This water must be filtered first. There are several ways of filtering. There is a filter that uses a membrane and there is also water filtration that uses other materials such as silica gravel.

3. Disinfection

At this stage, the water is clear. However, the processing stage has not yet been completed. This clear water is added with certain ingredients to avoid harmful germs and bacteria. This process is known as disinfection.

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Water Distribution

The treated water is then channeled through the existing water channel network. Water is channeled to homes, schools, offices, shopping centers, and public places. We just open the faucet to get clean water for bathing, washing, and consumption. People who get this clean water subscribe and pay for it every month according to the amount of use.

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