Do You Know? Recognize and Beware of Natural Disasters

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Nature is the abode of all living things. In nature, there is a reciprocal relationship between living things and their environment. Nature always reacts, both naturally and due to human activities that can be a disaster. Well, some of these natural disasters can be predicted, some are unpredictable. Let’s recognize and be aware of various natural disasters!

An Unpredictable Disaster


Earthquakes that occur in Indonesia are influenced by the activity of tectonic plate faults. Although they often occur, earthquakes are natural disasters that are difficult to predict.

There are several tips that we can do when an earthquake occurs. If we are inside a building, stay calm and look for the safest place from the rubble. If possible, get out of the building immediately. Sit in a spacious area away from tall buildings and trees.

Well, if we are in the car, ask to stop, get out, and get away from the car. If we are at the beach, immediately move away from the beach and find a high place to avoid a tsunami. Finally, if we are in a mountainous area, avoid areas prone to landslides.

Erupting Volcano

Volcanic eruptions are part of volcanic activity known as eruptions. Volcanic activity can only be observed from the inside of the mountain itself. When a volcano erupts, there will be hot clouds, thrown rocks, and light to heavy ash rain.

Well, if there is a volcano erupting, we should go into the house or a safe place. Don’t forget to close all windows and doors to prevent volcanic ash from entering. Pay attention to emergency orders. Wear a mask or cover the nose so that our respiratory tract is not disturbed.


Lightning usually occurs during the rainy season. During the rainy season, the air contains a higher water content, so electricity flows more easily.

Well, before a thunderous sound is heard in the sky, usually there is a flash of light that strikes the surface of the Earth. To avoid lightning strikes, we should not stand on open ground, especially while playing with gadgets. Then, do not take cover under a tree, because we can be struck.

When you’re in the pool, it’s also a good idea to get out immediately, as lightning can flow through the water. If we are outdoors, keep a distance of about 3.5 meters from other people, to avoid being thrown out of electrical energy when there is lightning.

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Predictable Disaster


Continuous rain and reduced water catchment areas make rainwater unable to be absorbed by the soil. As a result, rainwater flows directly into the river. Well, this is what causes river water to overflow to the mainland and cause flooding.

There are several things to consider during a flood. Avoid walking in flowing puddles. If you have to walk in puddles, use a stick to feel the road so you don’t stumble or fall into potholes. Do not touch electronic equipment in the middle of a flood to avoid electric shock.


By looking at the weather conditions, we can predict the occurrence of storms. Hurricanes can uproot trees and damage homes.

Well, when a storm occurs, store valuables in a safe place. Immediately take shelter in the house. Close doors and windows tightly, turn off electrical and gas appliances. If you happen to be outdoors, take cover on large rocks to block the wind.


Landslides are hydrometeorological disasters, meaning that these disasters are influenced by weather factors. During the rainy season, landslides often occur. Especially in the bare hills, there are no trees to support the soil and absorb water.

Therefore, if it rains continuously and heavily, we should not be in hills, cliffs, or highlands where the soil is bare. If at that time we were on vacation in the hills, immediately move away to a safe place.

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