Do You Know? How Mother Animals Teach Their Children

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Animals also learn to be ready for the future. Then, how do mother animals teach their children?


Mother eagles nurse their young in the nest until they are old enough to fly. Eagle chicks who are just learning to fly often fall. The eagle chick will learn from its experience to be able to fly while feeling the wind blowing around it.

Well, the mother eagle sometimes puts the food at a considerable distance, so that the cubs will fly to pick it up themselves. That’s one way for her child to fly fast.


Wolves live in groups. They move together and look for food. Since childhood, wolf cubs have been taught to live together with their group.

In a pack of wolves, there is a leader. The wolf cub will not disturb the leader. The wolf cubs also don’t bother the older wolves. The mother wolf also introduces how to hunt for food.


Elephants also live in groups. While still breastfeeding, the calf is always near its mother. As they get older, the mother teaches her young to have edible grass and leaves.

Oh yes, the calves in one group will be guarded by all adult female elephants in that group. The calf also learns to swim and choose a place to spend the night with the group.


Adult orangutans live alone in the forest. So, in order to survive in the wild, mother orangutans teach their children various skills. Orangutan children are taught how to move from tree to tree, find food, protect themselves from other disturbing animals, and build nests. The mother orangutan will care for and look after her young for 8 years until they can live independently in the forest.

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Weddel Seal

This marine mammal teaches its young to swim and dive in the cold sea. This seal that lives on the Antarctic continent eats small marine animals.

Mother seals teach their young to forage in the sea beneath the icy surface. The mother also teaches her cubs to find ice holes to catch their breath while diving.


Once given birth, a mother cheetah can give birth to 2 to 6 children. Every few days, the mother cheetah will change places to stay to protect her young. The cubs learn to avoid predators and seek food for several months living with their mother.

When they are old enough, the chicks will separate from their mother, but still, live in groups with their siblings. Now, when you can become independent, each cheetah will live on its own.


The mother bear takes care of her cubs for about 2 years. That’s when the mother teaches her cubs to find food and how to protect themselves. The mother teaches her young to catch prey, dig up tubers and introduce how to take honey.


Otters are not immediately able to swim at birth. Mother otter teaches her cubs to love water and swimming. Otter cubs often climb onto their mother’s back. After arriving in deep enough water, the mother drowns herself. Well, the cub that drowned will be pushed by the mother to the surface to start swimming.

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