Do You Know? Countries That Experience Summer in December

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In December, some countries experience rainy, cold, and even snowy seasons. However, some of these countries actually experience summer. Want to know, which country is it?


Argentina is a country in South America. Because it is located in the southern hemisphere, summer in Argentina starts from early December to March every year.

In December, the average air temperature in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is around 29 degrees Celsius. Buenos Aires experiences warm weather in early December. Sometimes it rains, but not heavily.

Usually, residents decorate the Christmas tree by putting cotton balls to depict snow. Well, winter in Argentina will last from June to September.


The continent of Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. In southern Australia, summer occurs between December and February. This season is characterized by sunny and warm weather. The warm weather makes residents visit the beach to sunbathe, snorkel, and surf. They also make outdoor activities such as exploring nature.

However, in the northern tropics, the wet season takes place from November to April. There is heavy rain, as in Darwin and Broome. In Australia, winter lasts from July to August.

New Zealand

New Zealand is Australia’s neighbor. Here, summer occurs from December to February. When summer arrives, residents prefer to go to the beach.

During summer, the pohutukawa tree blooms in a bright red color. This tree is found along the coast. When in bloom, the pohutukawa tree is nicknamed the “New Zealand Christmas Tree”. The tree symbolizes warm weather. Oh yes, winter in New Zealand lasts from June to August

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South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country on the African continent. This country is also in the southern hemisphere. Here, the warm season lasts from December to March. During that period, the air temperature was around 23 degrees Celsius. In summer, flowers bloom. In South Africa, winter lasts from June to September


This country is located on the east coast of Africa. Just like countries in the southern hemisphere, Madagascar experiences summer in December. However, this area gets rain from January to March. While winter lasts from May to October.

In summer, residents hold various exhibitions in big cities. Usually, tourists will come to visit this country in December. With warm temperatures, they can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Madagascar. December is also the best time for tourists to observe Madagascar’s flora and wildlife up close.

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