Do You Know? Various Professions Behind a Book

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Do you know how a book is made? A book turned out to be done by many people. Let’s take a look at the various works behind the publication of a book!


The author is the first person to work on the creation of a book. He is in charge of writing the contents of the book. Before writing, the writer usually does a lot of preparation. Starting from doing research, collecting facts, making a storyline, and preparing characters. The content of a book that has been written is called a manuscript.

Then, this manuscript is given to the editor. If the editor requests amendments to the manuscript, the author must modify the manuscript. This continues until the authors and editors agree that the manuscript is worthy of publication. Oh yes, usually an author also participates in overseeing the making of the book until it is published.


The editor is in charge of correcting the manuscript. If there are errors in the manuscript, the editor is in charge of correcting the manuscript. For example, there are sentences and paragraphs that are not correct. The editor is also in charge of providing suggestions to the authors. For example, the storyline in the script is less interesting, so the editor asks the writer to improve the storyline. An editor is also in charge of ensuring the correctness of the facts in the manuscript. Especially for non-fiction book manuscripts, such as knowledge or history books.

Character Corrector

After the editors and writers have finished working, the manuscripts are given to the character corrector. The character corrector is the person in charge of checking for typos in the manuscript. The proofreader must also ensure that there are no punctuation errors in the writing. A character corrector may also give advice to the editor if there are sentences that are not correct. Therefore, a character proofreader must have a very broad knowledge of grammar.

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The illustrator is in charge of making illustrations or images required by the book. The number of illustrations or pictures depends on the type of book to be published. Storybooks and picture lore usually require lots of pictures. As for novels, usually only need an image for the cover page.

Oh yes, when creating an image for the cover of a book, usually illustrators will make several images. Then, the authors and editors will select the images that best fit the content of the book and are of interest to the readers.

Layout Designer

After the text and images have been created, it’s time for the layout designer to work. Layouts are in charge of setting the appearance of each page in the book. The layout designer will arrange the position of the text and images on each page to make it look neat.

The number of posts and images on a page is taken into account by the layout designer. The layout designer also adjusts the size of the text and images so that the book is comfortable to read. The layout designer will take care not to have pages that are too blank or too full. If it is too full, the writing in the book will be difficult to read.

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