Do You Know? 7 Tips for Caring for Books

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Do you like reading and collecting books? To be durable, books must also be treated. So, here are the tips!

Use Bookmarks

Use bookmarks when reading a book. Bookmarks can be purchased or made yourself. You can also use sticky notes to mark the books you read. Using bookmarks will prevent us from bending or folding the pages of the book.

Place the Book in a Standing Position

Place the book on the shelf in a standing position. The back of the book faces outwards for easy reading of the title. This position is also easier to take from the shelf. Books placed standing up will last longer than stacked ones. Also, use bookcase dividers to keep books upright.

Do Not Directly Touch the Wall or Floor

Books placed on shelves should not directly touch the walls and floor so that insects do not damage them. Oh yes, also add anti-insect ingredients such as camphor. Pepper can also be used to repel insects.

Don’t Read While Eating or Drinking

Avoid reading while eating and drinking, so that the book is not dirty or damaged by spills. Also, make sure our hands are clean when reading a book.

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Don’t Let the Book Get Damp

Leave an air gap in the book storage area so it doesn’t get damp. Humid air can make books moldy and paper sticky. You can also add moisture absorbent powder (silica gel).

Give the Book Cover

Cover the book with clear plastic, so that the original cover can still be seen. The cover should not be too tight and not too loose so that the book is not damaged.

Avoid Photocopy and Scan Book

Avoid photocopying and scanning books. When photocopied, the spine of the book will be pressed firmly so that it can be seen clearly. This can damage the book.

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