Do You Know? 5 Benefits of Writing

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Friends, writing is really important for us. At school, for example, we certainly have tasks related to writing. Yes, every day we are definitely related to writing activities. Well, it turns out that the benefits are many if we write often. Want to know? Here are the benefits!

Broaden Our Knowledge

Writing broadens our horizons and knowledge. Why so? Because to write we have to read a lotĀ of books, magazines, or other media. As a result, we become aware of many things and are smarter for sure.

Improve Memory

Writing improves memory. When we write, we also include what we write in our minds. We are more likely to remember what we have written. Well, this one is useful for lessons at school.

Makes Us More Creative

Writing makes us more creative. To express thoughts and feelings through writing we can use many ways. We can be free to be creative through stories, poetry, and even pictures.

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Channeling Our Feelings

Writing is one way to channel our feelings. When we are upset, sad, or happy, we can express all thoughts and feelings freely in writing. Our feelings become more relieved and the mind feels lighter.

Help Finding New Ideas

Writing can help us find new ideas, organize thoughts and arguments coherently and logically. Well, it is useful for doing assignments from schools, such as making reports or writing papers.

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