Do You Know? Ice Rink Making

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Ice skating is an activity of skating on a stretch of ice. To play ice skating, we have to use special shoes. Well, that stretch of ice is made on an ice rink.

Ice Rink

The ice rink is a frozen ice arena. Generally, there are two ice rinks, namely natural ice, and artificial ice. Natural ice comes from freezing water due to the extremely cold temperatures. Usually, natural ice rinks exist in countries that experience winter or snow.

Meanwhile, an artificial ice rink is a stretch of ice that is intentionally made using a freezer. Freezing also uses synthetic ice (chemicals). The artificial ice rink is usually indoors. Canada was the first country to build an indoor ice rink in 1912.

Today, ice rinks are used for sporting activities such as ice skating, skiing, and ice hockey. in fact, the ice rink is also used for various shows, such as Disney on Ice.

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Ice Rink Making

Well, to make an ice rink, the ground surface must be flat and level. The surface is then coated with plastic foil to make it watertight.

The essential equipment in making an ice rink is a cooling machine and a special water pipe in the shape of a maze. Water coming from a tank is then pumped into a water pipe. With a cooling machine, the water that comes out is then frozen. Slowly, the ice will form and thicken until it is ready to use.

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