Do You Know? 6 Unique Airports in the World

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Almost every country in the world has an airport. This airport must be built as well as possible so that aircraft can fly and land smoothly and safely. Even so, there are several airports in the world that are different and unique compared to other airports. Let’s see!

Barra Airport, Scotland

Usually, airplane tracks at airports are built on asphalt. However, the flight path at Barra airport, Scotland, is on a sandy beach. Because it is located on the beach, the view at this airport is also very beautiful.

Unfortunately, this airport can only be used by small planes and during low tide. Because, at high tide, the plane’s trajectory will not be visible because it is covered by seawater. The pilots must also be careful and pay attention to the waves when they want to fly or land at this airport.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Sometimes we feel bored while waiting at the airport. However, this is not the case when we are at Changi Airport, Singapore. Because this airport has a variety of fun places. Among other things, a flower garden, a butterfly garden, and a cactus garden. In addition, there is also The Social Tree interactive game area, slides, free cinema, and a special room for playing video games. Wow, like being in an amusement park, yes!

Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin

If we travel to Maho Beach in the Caribbean, we will see planes flying low overhead. Because, near Maho Beach, there is Princess Juliana International Airport. The name of this airport is taken from the Princess of the Netherlands who once landed at this airport. Although the plane’s distance looks very close to beachgoers, the plane’s altitude is calculated and is not dangerous for tourists. Some tourists are actually happy when a plane passes by and use it as a background for taking pictures.

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Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand

Don Mueang Airport, located in Bangkok City, Thailand, was built in 1914. This airport is one of the oldest airports in Asia. Uniquely, between the two plane tracks at this airport, there is a golf course. There is no fence separating the golf course from the track. So, airport officials must always give a sign to golf players not to pass when a plane is about to fly or land.

Gibraltar International Airport, England

We certainly often pass the railroad tracks. When a train passes, the road will be closed. well, in Gibraltar, England, things like that often happen. The difference is, the road is closed not because there is a train, but because an airplane will pass.

One of the runways at Gibraltar Airport is across the highway connecting England with Spain. All vehicles and people are allowed to cross the road. However, when a plane is about to fly or land, the road will be closed for 10 minutes.

Sea Ice Runway, Antarctica

Sea Ice Runway in Antarctica is an airport near McMurdo Station, a United States Antarctic research site. This airport is often used to transport researchers with various equipment. The unique thing about this airport runway is the ice sheet. It turned out that landing on ice was not too dangerous for the plane. However, the plane must not be overloaded so that the ice sheet does not break. Oh yes, the Sea Ice Runway area is often visited by penguins. It was as if these penguins wanted to welcome the people who came.

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