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Skateboard is a game that we often encounter in various city parks. Now, this game is growing, it has even become a sport. Do you guys wanna try it? Come on, let’s get to know this skateboard first!

Surfboard on Wheels

Skateboards were first invented in the mid-1940s-1950s by Frank Nasworthy, a surfer from California, United States. At that time, he was looking for an alternative to surfing when the seawater was not choppy. The first board he made was almost similar to a surfboard but rather small in size and given roller skate wheels. From that moment on, skateboarding was played.

In the 1970s, Frank Nasworthy made skateboard wheels from polyurethane. With the creation of the new wheel, skateboarding is getting more and more popular. Many companies make and develop it.

Tips Before Playing Skateboard

Before starting to skateboard, we have to put on skateboard equipment first, yes.

  • Use knee protectors, so that your knees don’t hurt when you fall.
  • Use elbow protectors and handguards.
  • Also use a helmet to protect your head
  • Use shoes that are comfortable and have thick rubber pads. These shoes are to protect and reduce injuries to the feet.

If the equipment is complete, we will prepare the board (skate). We can get a good skateboard at the skate shop. It’s best not to buy a skateboard board just anywhere, OK! Because, if the quality of the board is not good, it can harm us.

Then, so that our skateboard lasts, store the board in a dry place. If you put it in a damp place, it will spoil quickly. Try not to get the board in contact with water as it will make it brittle and damaged.

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Skate Park

There are several types of Skate Parks, namely:

  • Street: Combined skateboarding arena, which consists of down rail, stairs, box, and others.
  • Park:  A skateboarding arena sometimes called a bowl, because of its bowl-like shape.
  • Ramps: A large half-pipe skateboarding rink.
  • Vert Ramps: Skateboarding arena that resembles a half-pipe like a letter ‘U’, but the edges are high and horizontal.

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