Do You Know? Transportation to Schools in Various Countries

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How do you go to school? Is it walking, cycling, taking public transportation, or taking a pick-up car? Let’s see how our friends from various countries go to school!

Take Subway Train

School students in Japan usually use the subway train to go to school. Subway trains are very fast subway trains. Uniquely, students in Japan dare to take the subway without their parents since they were little. They are four to six years old. However, take it easy. Because, every day, there are many students who ride the subway together. So they are not alone.

Board the Ferry

What would happen if our school was on a faraway island? New York Harbor School marine school students have to get on a ferry. Because their school is located on an island called Governors Island. It must be fun, yes, always looking at the sea when going to school!

Snowmobile Driving

Even though it was a snowy day, schoolchildren on Mackinac Island, Michigan, still went to school. In fact, on Mackinac Island, there are no city buses or school buses. They head to school in a snowmobile! Cool! Almost every family on Mackinac Island owns a snowmobile. This snowmobile is only used on snowy days. They use snowmobiles to go to work, to the market, and also to school. Unique, yes!

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Pedaling Bicycle Bus

Who always rides a bicycle to school? Students in the Netherlands also ride bicycles to school. However, the bicycles they use can be pedaled by more than five people. Hence, this bicycle is called a bicycle bus.

They weren’t worried about falling, because there was one adult holding the wheel and steering the bike. In addition, this bicycle also has a motorized engine. This machine is used when the road is uphill. Cycling together like this is not only healthy, it also makes us learn to work together.

Floating by Cable Car

Have you ever taken a cable car while traveling? It’s certainly exciting and fun, yes! Well, in Mexico, the cable car is not only for sightseeing, but also used as a public vehicle. There are many Mexicans who use the cable car to travel. Because the cable car is jam-free. In addition, they can also enjoy the view of the city from the air. Hence, many students in Mexico go to school by cable car.

Do you want to try the transportation above to go to school?

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