Do You Know? 7 Ancient Scripts in Indonesia

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People in this archipelago have been good at reading and writing since thousands of years ago. It is evident that there were various languages and characters used by the people at that time. Well, here are 7 examples of ancient scripts from various ethnic groups in Indonesia.

Pallawa Script

Most of the script used in Southeast Asia is the Pallawa script, from South India. Each letter in the Pallawa script represents 1 syllable, Nahm, the oldest inscriptions in the archipelago are generally written using this Pallawa script.

Kawi or Old Javanese Script

The Kawi script is a development of the Pallawa script. In its development for hundreds of years, this script later became the Old Javanese script.

Javanese Script

Javanese script or called hanacaraka is still used today. This script contains a legend. Javanese scripts are usually not only written on blank paper, they are generally decorated with beautiful decorations on the edges.

Balinese Script

This script is usually written on processed tal (lontar) leaves. On a sheet of tal leaves, 3 to 4 lines of writing can be written. How to write it using a sharp object inscribed on a sheet of tal leaves.

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Bugis Script

This script is used in South Sulawesi to write diaries and literary works. The most famous manuscript is La Galigo, which was written on a palm leaf roll.

Batak Script

This script developed from the typical letter form in Old Malay inscriptions. The famous Batak script is Sabda Limau, which contains advice and secrets of medicine.

Rencong Script

The Rencong script is used to write Malay, Rejang, and Kerinci languages. Rencong scripts are usually written on bamboo tubes or bark sheets.

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