Do You Know? The Struggle to Get Clean Water

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Clean water is a basic need for everyone. Well, there are citizens in several countries who have to fight hard to get clean water.

Catching the Fog

The area on the slopes of Mount Boutmezguida, Morocco, is indeed dry. In this place, it rarely rains and it is difficult for residents to get clean water. For years, residents in this place have to walk as far as 5 kilometers to get clean water from wells.

However, almost every day fog covered the mountains and roads. So, seeing the situation, the social organization there created a fog-catching net technology in 2017. The goal is to capture the fog and turn it into clean water.

Several large nets were set up in the mountains. Naturally, the wind will push the mist to stick to the net. From there came the water droplets that fell into the container under the net. The water is then channeled to people’s homes through pipes. This water is used by residents for their daily needs.

Treating Wastewater

Limited natural resources make Singapore a shortage of clean water. One way they do it is to process wastewater into clean water. Wastewater is collected in a reservoir and treated at a water recycling plant (NEWater Visitor Centre). The wastewater is treated with advanced technology. Among them use a filter membrane layer and ultraviolet light to filter out bacteria and viruses. The treated wastewater becomes sterile and fit for consumption.

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Removing Seawater Salt

Part of the mainland of the Netherlands is lower than the sea level. The groundwater there contains a lot of salt, making it unfit for drinking. However, the Dutch government has a unique way of getting clean water. They process seawater into clean water. The seawater is filtered by desalination. Desalination is a technology to remove the salt content in seawater so that the water can be consumed.

Several countries such as France, Singapore, Australia, and Saudi Arabia also use desalination technology to meet the needs of clean water in their regions.

Collecting Rainwater

The long dry season has made it difficult for some areas in Indonesia, India, and Africa to get clean water. Residents in these areas have to walk long distances carrying jerry cans or buckets to find water sources in wells, rivers, and lakes. The water found is not always clean, so it must be filtered first.

Well, when the rainy season arrives, the residents collect the rainwater in a reservoir or water container. All this is done so that they can get clean water.

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