Do You Know? This is How Our Pets Talk

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Do your friends have pets? Imagine, what if our pets could talk. What would they say, huh?


I often get the nickname of a loyal friend of humans. That’s because I am ready to help and protect those who care for and love me. I feel comfortable when my head is stroked. Oh yes, I also like to go for walks and play.


Hmmm… if I follow my own will, I’d rather sleep during the day and play at night. However, I can be trained to sleep at night like my master, really. I love being invited to play. I feel comfortable when my cage is cleaned frequently and always get enough food and drink.


I love being petted. Every day I sleep up to 14 hours. That’s why, I often seem to walk slowly, be lazy, sleepy, or even fall asleep. Ethical…that doesn’t mean my movements are slow. In fact, I can move quickly when something catches my attention or annoys me. Apart from playing, I also like to scratch anything. I realize that’s what makes people annoyed because the thing I scratched gets damaged, hehehe… But, that’s how I sharpen my claws.

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Unlike other pets, I don’t really like being petted. I prefer to be quiet around the pool. I like to eat mosquitoes that disturb my master’s house. But I also like the food my master gives me. For example, pellets and vegetables.


Honestly, I actually prefer living in the wild, because I can fly freely. However, there are people who like to give me a place to live. I like it when my place is always clean, with enough food and drinking water. I will sing sweetly when my life is comfortable and my body is healthy.


I also actually prefer living in the wild. However, because of the beauty of my body, people often keep me in the aquarium. I’m just happy because in the aquarium I am protected from my predators or predators. I love it when the water where I swim is clean. Even happier if the aquarium resembles my real home. Wow, I must have been exploring the aquarium where I live more often.

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