Do You Know? Typical Plants During Chinese New Year

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These plants are usually used to decorate homes during the Chinese New Year. I wonder why?


This beautiful plant is a symbol of immortality. In addition, the red, white, and yellow lotus flowers are believed to bring happiness and prosperity to the family. Oh yes, so that the lotus remains beautiful and continues to bring good influence, the owner of this flower is advised to always throw away the dead plant parts.

Golden Orange

During the Chinese New Year celebrations, gold-orange plants are usually one of the decorations for the room. Because the golden-orange fruit is believed to symbolize success and wealth. The taller, denser, and more fruit, it is believed the greater the luck that will be obtained. Oh yes, usually the Kim kit citrus fruit is not eaten, because it tastes quite sour.

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There are many types of palm plants. Uniquely, each type of palm has different benefits. For example, the red palm is believed to be a symbol of sustenance, while the bottle palm is a symbol of keeping sustenance. Amazingly, palm plants are also able to absorb bad chemicals. So, the palm is also good for health.


The pachira plant is also known as the money tree. This plant is considered to be able to bring luck in the form of success, health, and longevity for its owner. Uniquely, because there is more than one pachira stem, usually the stem of this plant is braided.

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