Do You Know? World’s Favorite Breakfast Menus

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Breakfast is important! The food we eat at breakfast makes our bodies strong to start various activities. Oh yes, the breakfast menu must also be nutritious, yes. Well, here are some of the world’s favorite breakfast menus!


“A Full English Breakfast”. Consisting of beans, sausage, fried meat, tomatoes, has browns, eggs, mushrooms, and toast.


Her name is Syrniki. Syrniki is a kind of pancake made thicker but soft and tasty. Usually eaten with fruit jam.


There are several favorite options there. It can be white rice with egg and miso soup, rice and egg rolls or tamagoyaki, as well as rice with natto. Natto is fermented soybeans.

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Choices include sandwiches, cereal and milk, french fries and sausage with egg, there are also pancakes or waffles.


Each region has a different menu. Starting from chicken porridge, fried rice, pecel rice, uduk rice, vegetable rice cake, green bean porridge, and many more.


Bread smeared with butter and sprinkled with messes, plus a glass of milk. It’s the Dutch children’s favorite breakfast menu.

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