Do You Know? Mother Animals Caring for Other Animals

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Seeing animals gathered together in groups, of course, is normal, nothing strange. However, what if there are animals that gather and even care for other animals of a different kind? Come on, let’s see!

Monkey Caring for Puppies

This kind-hearted wild monkey hails from Rode, India. This monkey gets special attention from local residents. Because these monkeys are often seen carrying puppies. She took care of the puppy-like he would take care of his own. She takes care of and feeds it. In fact, she protected the puppy when another dog bothered it.

The incident amazed the people who saw it. The monkey shows genuine affection for puppies, even though they are different breeds.

Cats Take Care of Rabbits

This pet cat from Rotherham, England, is very kind. By the owner, this cat is kept with the rabbit. Unfortunately, the mother rabbit died a week after giving birth to her cubs.

The cat’s maternal instincts emerged. The kitten was cared for and fed by the cat. The mother cat became the mother for the newborn rabbits.

Baca juga: Do You Know? Motherly Animals

Dolphins Take Care of Whale Calves

Bottlenose dolphins are known as mammals who are very attentive to their offspring. Apparently, the attention was not only given to their children. This bottlenose dolphin also takes care of the melon-headed whale’s calf that no longer has a mother.

The calf entered and joined the herd of bottlenose dolphins. The mother dolphin then took care of her like her own child. This incident is an example of an aquatic animal who wants to take care of the young of another animal of a different kind.

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