Do You Know? Hercules, A Tough and Versatile Aircraft

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This plane was given the name Hercules, after the name of a character in Greek mythology, because his body was big, dashing, and tough or strong. Well, here are some of the greats!

Tough Aircraft

Hercules C-130 aircraft are used by many military forces in various countries, including Indonesia. The aircraft produced by Lockheed Martin, United States, is indeed designed for military purposes.

This aircraft is tough to face various kinds of weather. This large-bodied aircraft can carry loads of more than 15 tons, or fit about 90 passengers. The inside of the cabin can be used to carry military goods and equipment.

Not Only for Military Purposes

Hercules aircraft are not only used for military purposes. This plane is also often used to carry aid when an area is hit by a disaster. Relief items in the form of food, drink, and clothing was dropped using a parachute from this plane. Refugees in disaster areas can also be moved to safer places by using this aircraft.

The Hercules plane is also equipped with a medical room that can be used to treat the sick and perform minor operations. Oh yes, this plane is also often used to make artificial rain in weather modification techniques. Wow, already tough, versatile too!

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Suitable for Indonesia

The Hercules plane is perfect for exploring the territory of the Indonesian archipelago in the form of an archipelago. This aircraft is capable of landing and taking off on a fairly short runway, about 2000 meters. Compare this with the runway of Soekarno-Hatta Airport which is 3600

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