Do You Know? Animals Have Rights Too

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Earth is inhabited by various living things. There are humans, plants, and animals. Well, every living thing has rights. Then, what rights do animals have?

Rules for Animal Welfare

Just like humans, animals can feel pain too. Well, it is this appreciation of pain that encourages experts to make animal rights or regulations for the welfare of animals.

The most basic rights regarding animal welfare are known as the 5 Principles of Freedom. Everyone should practice the five principles of freedom for animals. This principle applies to all animals, not just farm animals. Well, here are the five principles!

1. Free from thirst and hunger
(All animals must have access to clean water and healthy food)

2. Free from discomfort
(All animals must have proper rest and shelter)

3. Free from pain, injury, and disease
(Humans provide access to animal health workers and may not abuse animals)

4. free to express natural behavior
(Humans should not force animals to perform actions that are not in accordance with their abilities)

5. Free from fear and stress
(Humans must take care of living conditions and animal care)

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Let’s Take Care of Animal Welfare!

We can also participate in implementing animal rights. One way is to do good to pets or wild animals around us. Besides, what else, huh? The following are some tips for maintaining animal welfare.

1. Not keeping protected animals. Usually, protected animals are already endangered and require special care. Therefore, protected animals are kept by experts selected by the state.

2. If you want to raise an animal, make sure we can be responsible for the pet. We have to know how to feed them, clean the cage and play with them.

3. We must be able to provide the environment that our pets need. For example, if we want to keep aquatic animals, first provide a suitable pond or aquarium.

4. Some animals also need to be vaccinated. So don’t forget to give the vaccine too, OK!

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