Do You Know? Animals that Live Benefit from Each Other

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Different types of animals can coexist. Their way of life is also mutually beneficial.

Buffalo and Bird

Small birds often perch and peck on the buffalo’s back. Surprisingly, the pecked buffaloes were silent, not bothered. The buffalo didn’t chase the birds away either. In fact, he seemed to feel comfortable.

Both the buffalo and the little bird benefit. The little birds eat buffalo lice. Buffaloes feel happy and benefit because they are free from itching caused by fleas.

Hippopotamus and Crane

Hippos love to soak in water. While on land, cranes are often seen perching on the hippo’s back. The relationship between the hippopotamus and the stork is similar to that of a buffalo and a starling.

The stork perches on the hippo’s back to eating the fleas attached to the hippo’s skin. Both of them benefit. The stork gets food. While the hippopotamus is free from fleas. These two types of animals usually live close together, which are both near water sources.

Ants and Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers have a habit of pecking and making holes in trees. The hole was then made into a nest.

Near the woodpecker’s nest, there are usually ants. The ants can live in peace because there are woodpeckers guarding them. On the other hand, the ants also guard the woodpecker’s nest. Woodpecker eggs remain safe when left foraging by the mother.

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Clownfish and Sea Anemone

Sea anemones at first glance look like plants growing on coral. in fact, the anemone is actually an animal from the Anthozoa family. Anemones have stinging cells, some even contain poison. Well, the fish that bother and try to eat the anemone, will be stung.

However, this is not the case with clownfish. Clownfish can live freely around anemones because these fish eat algae that interfere with the growth of anemones.

Crocodile and Plover

As carnivores (meat-eaters), crocodiles also often prey on birds. However, crocodiles do not prey on plover birds in their mouths. Because this plover bird eats the remnants of food that are in the crocodile’s teeth.

The crocodile opened its mouth wide as the plover pecked its teeth. The plover bird gets food while keeping the crocodile’s teeth clean.

Ants and Aphids

On trees where aphids live, usually, there are also ants. These two small animals live together and benefit each other.

The ants protect the flea habitat from the disturbance of other animals. While the aphids provide a liquid called honeydew. This honeydew tastes sweet like sugar. These ants also often help the aphids to move to other trees.

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