Do You Know? Secrets of Indonesian Animals (Part One)

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These typical Indonesian animals are protected because they are threatened with extinction. In fact, there are several types of animals whose numbers are very small. Come on, let’s get to know the secrets of these animals!

  • Komodo is a large reptile that lives on Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Montang Island, and Nusa Kode Island, East Nusa Tenggara.
  • This animal dragons can eat up to 80% of their body weight. After eating, usually, the Komodo dragon will sunbathe to help the digestive process. Because the Komodo dragon’s metabolic process is quite slow and the meaning is large, Komodo dragons can survive only by eating once a month. Wow!
  • After the food is digested, the Komodo dragon will vomit “stomach pellets”. These gastric pellets contain horns, hair, teeth, and other indigestible parts of the prey.
  • Komodo dragons whose size is less than 1.5 meters will protect themselves by climbing trees so they are not eaten by adult dragons. In the trees, the young dragons survive by eating geckos, bird eggs, and various insects.
  • Female Komodo dragons can breed without a partner. This process is called Parthenogenesis. According to research results, female Komodo dragons that breed without a partner have male and female chromosomes.
  • With its tongue, the Komodo dragon can detect the presence of prey from a distance of 10 kilometers.
Birds of Paradise
  • This bird of paradise is 42 species. Well, 30 types of them can be found in Papua.
  • Male birds of paradise are good at dancing and have brightly colored feathers. The attraction showing off the dance and beautiful feathers attract the attention of female birds of paradise.
  • Many Papuan dances are inspired by the bird of paradise dance.
  • Birds of Paradise live alone. Only when they are about to breed, male and female Cendrawasih birds will gather. They will live in nests built from leaves, tree branches, and others.
  • The sense of smell and hearing of birds of paradise are very sensitive.
  • Birds of paradise like to perch on the tops of tall trees and rarely descend to the ground.
  • Birds of paradise are often hunted for their beautiful feathers. Pity, yes!

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Sumatran Tiger
  • Since the age of one year, the Sumatran tiger has been hunting for food. However, he still lives with his mother for two years.
  • Sumatran tigers love to swim. He likes to take shelter on the banks of the river and soak in the river water.
  • If you pay attention to the fur, the Sumatran tiger’s stripe pattern is very unique, which is thinner than other types of tigers.
  • The Sumatran tiger’s beard consists of 5 types of fur. The beard serves to receive vibrations from its prey.
  • Every July 29 is celebrated as World Tiger Day. This warning is to raise awareness of the world community about conservation or efforts to save tigers.
  • Tarsier is the smallest primate in the world that lives in the forests of North Sulawesi to South Sulawesi.
  • Body length is only about 15 cm or as big as an adult hand.
  • The name tarsier is taken from the word “tarsal” (the bone that forms the ankle). This bone is indeed very long and allows the tarsier to jump as far as 3 meters.
  • Tarsiers are the only primates that are truly carnivorous. It does not eat fruit, leaves, or other plant parts. Their food is insects.
  • The head of the tarsier can rotate 180 degrees to the right and to the left.
  • The eyes of the tarsier are quite large, their diameter can reach 1.5 cm.

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