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Pssshh…! Duh, the tire was flat again hit by a nail! that’s a complaint that is often experienced by motorists, both bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Shhh… calm down, currently developing a tire without air so it’s leak-proof or deflated

Strong and Safe

Hmm… what’s the difference between these anti-flat tires and regular tires? What is clear, the material for making these tires is designed to be very strong and safe. Namely, consisting of a mixture of rubber, plastic with carbon fiber, as well as aluminum.

This anti-flat tire is suitable for all types of motorized vehicles. The riders and passengers will not feel the difference when riding a vehicle with these airless tires.


This anti-flat tire is designed without being inflated or nitrogen. So, there is no longer a term for a flat tire or a leaking nail. Even without air, these tires are very strong to go at high speeds. Also strong enough to withstand the weight of the car and its passengers. Even on rocky trails, these airless tires stay strong!

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On Sale in 2024

The shape of an anti-flat tire is the same as a tire in general, which is round. The difference is, around this tire is not inflated like a regular tire, but filled with fingers or perforated rubber bars.

Well, the spokes are made very strong and flexible to withstand the weight of the car, shocks, and all road obstacles that are not smooth though.

Oh yes, this windless tire is named Unique Puncture-proof Tire System or Uptis. Reportedly this tire will be marketed in 2024.

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