Do You Know? Sugar-Producing Trees

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From these trees, humans can make sugar that tastes sweet. Yes, there is granulated sugar, palm sugar, and coconut sugar. Hmm…what kind of tree is that?

Sugar Cane

At first glance, this sugar cane tree is like a bamboo tree. The trunks of these sugarcane trees can be cut. Then, we peel the hard skin, we bite the inside and we suck it, slurp…the taste is sweet and fresh. No wonder this sugar cane juice can be processed into sugar.

In the sugar factory, the fresh and good sugar cane is put into a milling machine to squeeze the juice. Sugarcane juice is usually called sap water. The sap water is then sterilized, then heated until it thickens. After that, enter the crystallization process. As a result, the thick sap water will turn into grains of sand which we know as granulated sugar.

Siwalan Tree

The siwalan tree is also known as the palm tree. Yup, each region has a different name for this siwalan tree. Siwalan fruit tastes good and chewy. The water from this tree is also sweet and fresh.

The siwalan tree grows in dry and hot coastal areas. This tree can reach 7 meters in height. Well, siwalan tree water is usually taken every morning or evening. This water is usually collected in bamboo tubes.

The sweet water is taken from the flower of the siwalan tree. How to take the water is to tie and press using a wooden stick at the base of the flower that has not yet bloomed. Over time, the flower will grow. Well, that’s when the flower stems are sliced so that the water comes out. The water is usually called the Legen water.

The Legen water is then cooked until it boils, thickens, turns brown, and finally becomes palm sugar or palm sugar.

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Aren Palm

Aren Palms are often called Enau trees. This tree also produces ar like the siwalan tree earlier. How to take the water is similar. The part of the tree that is towards the base of the flower will usually be beaten for some time. The goal, so that the sap water can come out and flow fast. After that, the water will be accommodated in a bamboo tube.

This Aren palm water is also called ar sap water. Usually, the water is taken every morning and evening. In a day, an Aren palm can produce 10 liters of sap water!

Now, the sap water is then cleaned and cooked until it boils, thickens, and is brown in color. Then, printed into palm sugar.

Coconut Tree

This coconut tree is special. All parts of the tree can be used. Young coconuts and coconut water are very refreshing. While old coconuts are usually taken for coconut milk to be processed into various foods.

Well, there are other benefits of coconut trees, namely as raw materials for making coconut sugar. Just like the siwalan tree earlier, to make sugar from coconut, you need to take the water first.

The Legen water is taken from the buds of coconut flowers. Then, the water that comes out of it will be collected in a container and taken every morning and evening. Then, the coconut water will be cooked until it boils, thickens, and is brown in color. Once thick, just molded into brown sugar.

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