Do You Know? Tracing Human Life in Ancient Times

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we can fill our spare time with various fun and useful activities. One of them is doing virtual traveling by visiting historical tourist attractions.

Sangiran Ancient Human Museum

Sangiran Museum is located in Sragen, Central Java. This museum was founded in 1977. The area is about 56 kilometers or equal to 5 times the area of a football field. Decades ago researchers found various ancient human fossils in Sangiran, so this place was used as a museum.

Sangiran Museum has around 13,685 fossil collections. The collection consists of ancient human fossils, ancient animal fossils, and stone tools. Most of the fossils were found in Indonesia. The Sangiran Museum is called the most complete ancient fossil museum in Asia. Because we can see the development (evolution) of ancient human life here.

We can visit this museum virtually. You can go through the Sangiran Museum Virtual Tour site and the Google Arts & Culture application. Then, we can hover over the application to go to the three collection rooms. The first room consists of a collection of ancient human and animal fossils. The second room is about the formation of the universe. The third chapter is about the diorama of early human evolution. Wow, we really are like in ancient times.

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British Museum

The British Museum is located in London, England. This is one of the best museums in the world. This museum was founded in 1753. The shape of this museum resembles an ancient Greek building and consists of 6 floors. This museum has about 8 million collections. Among them, relics of the people of Mesopotamia, Europe, and Asia. In fact, we can see some mummies from Ancient Egypt.

We can also visit this museum virtually. We can use the Google Arts & Culture application, Google Street View, or visit the site and we can point the cursor to go to the collection room we want. When we are in this museum, we are like exploring time from the past. We can see human remains in the past from various regions of the world.

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