Do You Know? What Always Appears During Chinese New Year

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Friends, come on…try to remember, what always comes up during Chinese New Year? Angpao, hahaha…! Hmm… other than that, what else is there, huh? A lot, you know! Well, here are some of them!

Red Shirt

Shhh… wearing clothes and putting on all red decorations has a meaning. It is said that long ago there was a scary-looking giant who liked to attack humans. It has five horns, very sharp teeth, and hooves. The giant’s name is Nian. He always comes on Chinese New Year’s Eve. That’s why on the eve of Chinese New Year no one leaves the house. Everyone was silent and prayed inside the house to be safe from Nian’s attack.

One of the things that the giant Nian feared was the sound of firecrackers, gongs, drums, and the color red. Since being expelled that way, Nian has never appeared again. Oh yes, red is also the color that symbolizes happiness!


Noodles that are long in shape are a symbol of longevity. No wonder, if noodles are a dish that must be served during Chinese New Year. The hope, all who eat it can live long.

Layer cake

Lapis legit is also one of the mandatory menus during Chinese New Year. This layered cake symbolizes sustenance in layers. Then, its sweet taste is expected to bring all that is good and sweet in the coming new year.

Cake Basket

This special cake is only made once a year, namely during Chinese New Year. In Mandarin, this cake is called nian gao. The pronunciation of this word sounds like rising. So, this cake symbolizes sustenance that will go up or more. The round shape also symbolizes family unity. The stickiness of this cake symbolizes the closeness of family relationships. Then, the sweet taste symbolizes good and sweet wishes.


In Mandarin, the orange is called ju zi (pronounced chi zhe). The pronunciation of the word “ju” in oranges is the same as the pronunciation of the word “chi” which means sustenance. Then, the word “zhe” means fruit. So, ju zi can be interpreted as a fruit that brings sustenance. That’s why during Chinese New Year there is always an orange dish. Orange is believed to be a fruit that brings good luck.

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Well, friends who celebrate Chinese New Year of course waiting for red packets! The red envelope contains the money as a symbol of sharing sustenance and happiness. So, it becomes a wish for good luck throughout the new year.


Fish also symbolize sustenance. In Chinese, this word for fish is pronounced the same as “yu.” The word means remnant. The hope is that every year everyone can have leftovers or excess sustenance. Besides milkfish, other fish can also be served.


Candlelight symbolizes the light of life. Candles must continue to burn during Chinese New Year celebrations as a symbol of asking for sustenance and a bright path. Oh yes, the bigger the size of the candle that is lit, it is hoped that the greater the sustenance.

Barongsai and Liong

Dung…Jeng…Dung…Jeng…the distinctive sound of the music accompanying the barongsai performance is always heard before Chinese New Year. Shhh… the lion dance with live music is also useful for scaring the giant Nian.

Barongsai is usually played by 2 players. If the liong or dragon attraction can be up to 10 players or more, depending on the length. In fact, there is a lion that is more than 20 meters long!

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