Do You Know? 8 Forms of Love for Parents

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Friends, to anyone we care about, we want to make him/her happy. Especially to parents. Well, these are the forms of our love for parents, which can make them happy!

Diligent in Studying and Reading

Shhh…our parents will be happy when they see us studying and reading a book or magazine. On the other hand, they are secretly sad and concerned if we play gadgets or cellphones all day long. Don’t believe it? Try asking them!

Take His/Her Advice

Parents advise for the good of their children. Well, if we follow his/her advice, they will certainly be happy. If we don’t agree with his opinion, we can express our views. However, be polite and respectful.

Giving Your Own Gift

When parents have a birthday or a special day, they will be happy to receive a gift from us as a sign of attention and affection. Moreover, if the gift is the result of our creativity, whether in the form of goods, paintings, or poetry.

Not Imposing Will

Parents will be sad and disappointed if we like to force them to fulfill our wishes. Of course, not everything we want can be fulfilled by parents. Because parents also have limited energy and time, maybe also financial limitations.

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Understanding Parental Circumstances

Parents are very happy when we can understand their plight. When parents are busy, not feeling well, or having problems, we know ourselves. We don’t add to his troubles, but instead, offer to help him/her.

Shhh… when they’re late, try making their favorite tea or coffee. Wow, they must be so happy!

Become a Chat Friend

Parents will be happy if we often chat with them. While relaxing or eating together, we can talk about our experiences and feelings about daily activities, about school lessons, or our friends.

We can also ask mom or dad about their fun and memorable childhood experiences. Wow, it must be fun and can make you laugh together.

Asking Parents’ Opinion

Parents will be happy if we always ask or ask their opinion when we want something. For example, when we want to have goods or want to participate in an activity. If their opinion is not in line with what we expect, we may respectfully express our opinion.

Saying, Love

Hmm… how often do we say the word “love” to our parents? Hehehe… even though it seems trivial, saying the word “love” to them will make their hearts flutter with happiness!

When it’s their birthday, when we get something from them, or when our request is granted, a thank you word is added with a “love”, especially accompanied by a hug. Wow…their hearts will be so happy!

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