Do You Know? Different Types of Bicycles and Their Functions

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Bicycles are not just a means of transportation, but also a means of exercise and recreation. Therefore, the type of bicycle also varies according to its function. Well, here are some types of bicycles and their functions.

Mountain Bike

This mountain bike or MTB is suitable for use in the mountains with heavy trails, such as uphill, downhill, muddy roads, to steep roads. This bicycle was first introduced in 1970 in San Francisco, United States.

Mountain bikes have a large frame. This bike is equipped with tires that are quite large with jagged tire threads like dirt bike tires. Its function is to balance the bicycle when it is on muddy or slippery roads so that the bicycle does not slip easily.

Racing Bike

A racing bike is a bicycle specifically for racing. Racing bikes are generally much lighter than other types of bikes. This bicycle can be pedaled at high speed, about 60 km/hour.

The characteristics of racing bikes can be seen from the bicycle handlebars that are curved at the ends. Handlebars like this will make the rider’s hands support the upper body, without straining the neck and shoulders. In addition, the balance of the front and back of the body becomes stable.

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Specialty Bike

This bike is designed and given special features, so it is very different from the bicycle in general. There are several types of bicycles in specialty bikes.

Folding Bike

A folding bike is a bicycle that can be folded and put in a carry-on or carry-on bag. This bike is perfect for traveling as it is lightweight and folds easily.

Cruiser Bike

In Indonesia, cruiser bikes are known as onthel bikes or camel bikes. This bike includes a casual bike that is usually used to get around or travel. These bicycle tires are large, the seats are comfortable, and some are equipped with a sling.

Kids Bike

This bike is made especially for children. Therefore, the size is adjusted to the size of the children’s bodies for comfortable riding.

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