Do You Know? Tips for Safe Riding a Bike

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Cycling is a fun and healthy activity. It is not surprising that today many people like cycling. So, to be safe while cycling, we need to listen to the following tips!

Use Special Clothes

When cycling, we should use special cycling clothes. This outfit consists of clothes that absorb sweat and a safety helmet. Choose clothes that are the right size and comfortable on the body. Also, use footwear that doesn’t come off easily when pedaling a bicycle.

Pay Attention to Bike Condition

Before using a bicycle on the road, make sure the bicycle is in good condition, safe, and comfortable to ride. Pay attention to the condition of the brakes, the saddle, and the handlebars. Oh yes, bicycle pedals must also be considered. If it is too far from the reach of the feet, it will disturb the balance.

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Use Special Lane

In some cities, there are special lanes for cyclists. Well, use the special lane when cycling on the highway. If there are no dedicated bicycle lanes, ride on the far left side of the road, but not on the sidewalk. Avoid overtaking from the right of a large, slow-moving vehicle.

Pay Attention to Hints

When cycling together, we must be vigilant. Pay attention to the clues given by friends who are in front of us. There are several directions that are agreed upon almost all over the world, including turn right, turn left, stop, reduce speed, warning there is a pothole, and allowing to go first.

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