Do You Know? Unicycles to Practice Balance

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Apart from two-wheeled bicycles, unicycles are also trendy. In fact, there are organizations and championships.

Balance Bike

unicycles are also known as circus bicycles. This bike has only one wheel and no handlebars. This bike only has two pedals and one saddle.

Apart from adults, children can also ride it. However, to be able to ride this bike, we have to practice first. Because riding a unicycle of course must be good at maintaining body balance so as not to fall. Therefore, for the sake of safety, we must also wear a head covering (helmet) and elbow and knee protectors.

Oh yes, some schools in Japan provide unicycles so that students can use them during breaks. the unicycle is considered a game that can train the balance of the body. Playing unicycles in this school environment has been implemented since 1989.

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Unicycle World Organization

Lately, there are more and more fans of unicycles. Because riding a unicycle has its own fun and uniqueness. In fact, many unicycle competitions (unicycle championships) were held. In addition to its many championships, there is also a world organization specifically for unicycles, namely the International Unicycle Federation (IUF). Well, according to the IUF, unicycles are divided into several types, including:

  • Freestyle, which is a unicycle that is usually used by riders who wear costumes, props, and music to accompany their movements.
  • Long-distance unicycle, which is a unicycle that is ridden to explore various places.
  • Hockey unicycle, which is a unicycle for playing hockey.
  • Unicycling mountain, which is a one-wheeled mountain bike.
  • Basketball unicycle, which is a unicycle for playing basketball.

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