Do You Know? Unmanned Rides to Unravel the Mysteries of the Universe

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There are many mysteries in this universe. Well, scientists make a vehicle without a crew (without passengers) that was launched to reveal secrets in outer space. Here are some examples of rides made with different missions!


Juno is a spacecraft specifically launched to investigate the Planet Jupiter. The spacecraft, which was launched in 2011, only reached orbit around Jupiter four years later.

Juno is equipped with advanced equipment to investigate the largest planet in the Solar System. Until now, Juno can still send information to Earth. The information sent by Juno reveals the state of the gas planet, which always has storms in its atmosphere.


TESS stands for The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. This vehicle is tasked with investigating planets outside the Solar System. How, by observing the entire sky for 2 years.

The sky seemed to be divided into 26 different sectors. The TESS mission has found many other planets outside the Solar System which we know as exoplanets. Research on this planet is still continuing. Wow, also found a planet that looks like Earth.

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New Horizons

This spacecraft was created to investigate Pluto, a dwarf planet that is very far from Earth. The spacecraft, which was launched in 2006, also investigates space objects that are very far away. In fact, right in the new year 2019, the New Horizons spacecraft managed to approach the farthest space object known as Arrokoth.

Oh yes, this New Horizons ride has a theme song. The song was composed by Brian May, a doctor of astrophysics from England. In addition to working in the field of astronomy, Brian May is also known as the guitarist for the band Queen.

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