Do You Know? Epics, Stories About Great Heroes

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One form of the story that is also fun and interesting is the epics. What is this story called an epic like?

Heroic Story

Epic is a story that contains a story of heroism. The characters are always great in every way, both physically and with admirable traits. The story tells of adventures, journeys, quests, and interesting events surrounding the character. All of them show a character worthy of exemplary.

Poetry Shaped

Writing stories in the form of epics is different from the short stories and fairy tales we often read in books. Epics are written in beautifully arranged lines of verse. The story is divided into several parts. Homer from Greece is one of the famous epic writers. Another example is Valmiki of India, author of the famous epic Ramayana. However, there are also many epic stories whose authors are unknown.

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Instilling Good Value

The story is in the form of an epic set in the past, which is not very clear in time. Epics are not written as history. Epos is told to instill good values. This epic poem is encouraging, courageous, and exemplary. Famous epics include Hercules and Achilles from Greece. Another example is the Pandavas, which are characters from the famous Mahabharata epic.

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