Do You Know? Nutritional Information on Food Package

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Have you ever paid attention to the nutritional information on food packaging? There are several foreign terms listed on the label. Come on, let’s find out, what that means!

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

The nutritional information instructions on food packaging are important for us to know. Before buying or consuming it, we should first read the nutritional content. Who knows, there are nutrients that we might have to avoid. Especially, if we are allergic or have to avoid certain substances.

In the food production process, usually, there are several types of substances that are intentionally added to the dough. Adding substances that only a little. These substances are known as food additives. What is the added substance for? Some of the benefits are to increase nutrition, make food taste better, more attractive, and last longer.

Dangerous Isn’t it?

If asked, what are the side effects of these additives on our bodies? Actually, all foods produced in registered factories have undergone an inspection process at the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency so that they have been tested for safety.

The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency has also made regulations for the use of food additives in the food industry. If all the rules are complied with, of course, the food is safe for consumption. What is dangerous is the use of food additives that exceed the rules or the use of prohibited food additives such as formalin, borax, or dyes that are not up to standard.

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Examples of Food Additives:

– Antioxidant

This substance is used to prevent food from chemical processes that can cause the food to smell or rot. For example, ascorbic acid, citric acid, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, sulfites, and tocopherols.

– Sweetener

As the name implies, this substance is useful for making food taste sweet. Some examples of sweeteners are sorbitol, aspartame, sodium cyclamate, and sucralose.

– Stabilizer

This substance makes the food mix well mixed. Examples of stabilizers are calcium carbonate, calcium acetate, lecithin.

– Flavor Booster

Additives that include flavor enhancers give food a good taste. One of the substances that are included in the flavor enhancer group is monosodium glutamate or MSG.

– Flavoring

Flavors are food additives that are used to give a certain taste to food. Of course other than sweet and salty, yes! Because salty and sweet are obtained from salt and sugar. Examples of flavoring agents are ethyl vanillin and amyl acetate.

Well, friends, we should not consume processed or packaged foods in excess, yes! Because, if you eat a lot of food additives that are high in salt content, it can disrupt the body’s fluid balance. Then, it can trigger blood pressure which results in a heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, consuming a lot of foods with food additives such as sweeteners can trigger diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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