Do You Know? 5 Indonesian Traditional Musical Instruments Worldwide

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Indonesia has many traditional musical instruments. Some of these musical instruments are known throughout the world. We know the 5 musical instruments, let’s go!

1. Angklung

Angklung comes from West Java. This musical instrument is made of an arrangement of bamboo blades which when moved will produce a distinctive sound. An angklung represents one note. The types of bamboo commonly used are black bamboo and ater bamboo.

Playing angklung is very easy. We just hold the angklung frame with our left hand, then the right handshakes it until it sounds klung…klung…klung…

Angklung is already famous in the world. Foreign tourists are always interested in trying to play angklung when visiting Indonesia.

2. Gamelan

Gamelan is a combination of traditional Indonesian musical instruments consisting of gangsa, gender, bonang, gong, saron, and slenthem, which is played with the use of a hammer (beater). There is also a xylophone, drums, fiddle, and flute.

Gamelan must be played by several people in order to produce a beautiful and harmonious sound. Most of the musical instruments in the gamelan are made of bronze. Gamelan musical instruments come from Java, Sunda, and Bali.

3. Kolintang

Kolintang comes from Minahasa, North Sulawesi. This musical instrument consists of several wooden slats arranged on wooden supports. Kolintang is played by being hit with a wooden bat. Usually, kolintang is played in groups.

The word “kolintang” comes from the sound “tong” for low notes, “ting” for high notes, and “tang” for middle notes. In the past, the Minahasa people invited to play kolintang by saying “Let’s play tongtingtang” (Mari kita ber tongtingtang) or in the Minahasa language, “Maimo kumolintang.” Well, that’s where the word kolintang comes from.

Initially, kolintang was only played to accompany traditional ceremonies. however, now kolintang is played to accompany dances, songs, and even orchestras.

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4. Sasando

Sasando is from Rote, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This musical instrument is a stringed instrument. How to play it is picked with both hands.

The sasando musical instrument is a long tube made of a large diameter piece of bamboo. The strings or strings are stretched from one end of the tube to the other end tube. In the middle of the tube, there is a support for the strings called the senda. The sandals were lined up in a circle from top to bottom in a spiral. Because the location of the senda is different, the tone produced on each string is also different. Sasando’s voice is a mix of guitar, violin, and harp sounds.

Oh yes, the tube is placed in a container made of palm leaves shaped like a fan, the name is haik. Haik is a place of resonance or echo of Sasando’s voice.

5. Tifa

Tifa is a musical instrument originating from Maluku and Papua. This musical instrument is like a drum. It is also played by being hit. Tifa is made of a piece of wood with a hole in the middle. The wood commonly used is lenggua wood and milkwood. Then, one side is covered with deerskin that has been dried to produce a good sound.

Each tribe in Maluku and Papua has a drum with its own characteristics. Some are engraved on the outside. There is also a given handle. Tifa is usually played at traditional events, welcoming guests, and performing regional arts.

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