Do You Know? Filmmaking Development

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Friends, it turns out that movies have been around for more than 100 years. Let’s explore the development of filmmaking.

First Motion Picture

Around the 1830s, Joseph Plateau and Simon Stampfer created an instrument called the phenakistoscope. A phenakistoscope is a simple instrument shaped like a disc containing images. When the disc is played, the images appear to move.

Then, in 1891, Thomas Alva Edison was inspired to create a device that could see moving images. The tool is called the kinetoscope. A kinetoscope is an instrument for viewing films by peering through a small hole at the top. The shape of the kinetoscope is like a fairly large black box, weighing the same as a piano. One roll of film in this kinetoscope is 15 meters long with a film duration of about 20 seconds. Oh yes, this kinetoscope working system became the forerunner to the emergence of films in cinemas.

First Cinema

The kinetoscope technology was later developed by the Lumiere Brothers. In 1894, they made a tool called the cinematograph. A cinematograph is a tool that combines a camera and a projector that can display moving images on a screen for the viewer to see.

In 1895, the tool was patented and began to be shown to the public. This cinematograph form is smaller and weighs only 5 kg, lighter than a kinetoscope.

A year later, the Lumiere Brothers opened their first cinema in Paris, France. Since then, the Lumiere Brothers have continued to show their findings to London, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Dublin.

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First Film Studio

In 1897, Georges Melies created the first film studio with glass walls and a roof. The glass walls and roof were then fitted with a thin cotton cloth that served as natural lighting during filming.

From his film studio, Melies produced more than 500 short films. All the films are shot in one shot.

Then, in 1900, more and more films were shot. One of the films popularized by George Albert Smith and James Williamson. After 1902, to build a film’s storyline, film editing techniques were used. The technique of film editing is to cut and assemble several recorded images so that the storyline is easily understood by the audience.

The First Color and Sound Film

When first shown to the audience, the film is still black and white and has no sound or is called a silent film. Well, in 1902, the first color film was recorded thanks to the findings of Edward Raymond Turner.

To create colorful images, Turner uses a camera equipped with three color filters in one roll of film, namely red, green, and blue.

In 1939, the first feature-length film was successfully shown after decades of production. The first sound film to be made was the musical The Jazz Singer, which was produced in 1927.

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