Do You Know? Various Unique Cheeses in the World

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There are many types of cheese in the world. These cheeses are made from sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, and even soy milk. Well, here are a variety of unique cheeses in the world!

Ambarees Cheese

This cheese from Baalbek, Lebanon, is made from fresh goat’s milk and made in a clay pot. This cheese recipe has been around for thousands of years. Usually, this sour-tasting cheese is consumed in winter by spreading it on a crusty bread called saj, then baking it in a wood oven.

Epoisse Cheese

This typical Burgundian, French cheese is very soft and tastes great. However, the smell is so strong that this cheese is prohibited from being carried on public transportation.

Paski Sir

This sheep’s milk cheese from Pag Island, Croatia has a unique taste. The secret to the paski sir taste is in the food of the lambs. Most of their diet is coastal plants. Oh yes, these cheesemakers also believe that strong sea breezes, called bura winds, also make this cheese taste better.

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Gouda Cheese

This cow’s milk cheese comes from the Netherlands. The longer the gouda cheese is aged, the sweeter it will taste like caramel. In addition, the gouda cheese also forms crystals, giving it a crunchy impression.

Pule Cheese

This is the most expensive cheese in the world. The price of cheese from soy milk is more than Rp. 10 million per kilogram. The reason this cheese is so expensive is that it is only produced in one nature reserve in Sweden. And the soybeans there are only able to produce 200 milliliters of milk in a day. In fact, to make 1 kilogram of Pule cheese, it takes 25 liters of soy milk.

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