Do You Know? 7 Tips for Becoming a Small Entrepreneur

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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Wow, this is a fun and challenging profession. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at the tips first!

Seeing Opportunities

Opportunities and ideas are always around us. Observe and look for what the people around us need and want. Then, we provide what they need. For example, selling attractive stationery to school friends, making unique hair bands, accepting birthday invitation card design services, or selling delicious and fresh food and drinks in front of the house.

Start with the Things You Like

Doing things you like, is certainly more fun and makes us excited. Therefore, start with the things we like. For example, we like photography, drawing, writing poetry, or baking cakes. Well, think about the business related to our liking. Write down your plan, namely what will be done, when, who will be invited to do it, how, and where is the source of funds or capital.

Keep Spirit

When we run a business, we will do things that other kids don’t. For example, offering merchandise. It could be, at that time friends did not want to buy, or there were comments that made us embarrassed. Well, at times like that we must remain enthusiastic and never complain. Stay optimistic that the merchandise or services we offer will sell well.

Perseverance and Patience

Entrepreneurship requires persistence. When you do the same thing over and over again, you may get bored and want to quit or change your business. Hmm … any profession, it takes time and perseverance to achieve success. So, stay patient, persevere, and stay focused on the business we choose.

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Cooperating with Others

In running a business, we can cooperate with other people. For example, with parents, siblings, and friends. Cooperation can be in the form of labor or goods and money. It’s called a joint effort. The profits after being set aside for additional capital to increase merchandise can be divided equally. However, the people who are invited to work together must have the same enthusiasm, willing to work and be honest.

Keep Learning

Successful entrepreneurs are not necessarily successful when they are just starting out. Some have failed. Well, we need to learn from people who have experienced it. How they can fail and how to overcome it until it finally succeeds.

Calculating Profit

The purpose of entrepreneurship is to make a profit or profit. Well, to know the profit or loss, we must know the income and expenses. We will get profits if the money from the business or the sales (income) is greater than the money for capital purchases, fees, or costs (expenditures). For example, the price of one pencil that we buy is Rp. 2000,00 and then we sell it for Rp. 2500,00. That means, we get a profit of Rp. 500,00.

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