Do You Know? Assorted Indonesian Porridge

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Indonesia has a very diverse cuisine. Each region in Indonesia has its own specialty, one of which is porridge. Let’s find out the typical porridge from each region, let’s go!


Tinutuan or Manado porridge is a typical North Sulawesi porridge. This porridge has a fresh sweet taste because it is made from rice mixed with pumpkin, cassava, corn, spinach, kale, Gedi leaves, and basil. Usually, tinutuan is served with salted fish, shredded fish, and sambal roa.

Ie Bu Peudah

Ie bu peudah is a typical Acehnese porridge. This savory and spicy porridge is made from rice mixed with 44 types of spices and dried forest leaves. Interestingly, it is only cooked during the month of Ramadan. This porridge will be cooked in a very large pot, then distributed to residents to break their fast.

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Manggul Porridge

Manggul porridge is a typical porridge from Madura, East Java. This porridge that has a very soft texture has a savory taste from coconut milk and shrimp which are the main ingredients. This porridge is usually eaten at breakfast and served with serundeng, fried onions, shrimp sauce, crackers, and fresh basil salad.

Ase Porridge

Ase porridge is a Betawi specialty porridge. This porridge has a thick and sweet taste. Because this porridge is served with a splash of beef stew and pickled vegetables. This porridge is usually served with a variety of savory side dishes such as anchovies, crackers, and fried peanuts.

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