Do You Know? Various Drinks from Indonesia

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Besides being rich in delicious specialties, Indonesia also has many fresh and delicious drinks. Some are warm and some are cold. Here are some of them.

Cendol Ice

There are people who call it cendol, there are also those who call it dawet. One of the famous dawet ice is dawet ice from Banjarnegara, Central Java. Cendol is made from rice flour with green coloring from suji and pandan leaves, then served with coconut milk, brown sugar, and ice.

Green Banana Ice (Es Pisang Ijo)

Green banana ice comes from South Sulawesi. This ice is made from bananas that are coated with green flour dough, then steamed. This ice is served with red syrup and ice. It tastes sweet and fresh.

Aloe Vera Ice

It was chewy, cold, and fresh. Aloe vera ice is a typical drink from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. This ice is made from the flesh of the aloe vera plant, equipped with sugar water and ice.

Doger Ice

This ice doger is said to have come from Cirebon, West Java. Consists of a mixture of shaved ice, topped with cassava tapai, black sticky rice tapai, grass jelly, milk, and syrup. Suitable to eat when the air is hot.

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Wedang Ronde

This warm drink is made from boiled ginger and brown sugar. Then given the chewy balls, are made from glutinous rice flour. Oh yes, the balls were filled with mashed peanuts.

Pletok Beer

This is a typical Betawi drink. This drink is made from a mixture of several spices. Namely ginger, pandan leaves, and lemongrass. This warm-tasting drink can refresh the body.


This drink comes from South Sulawesi. Made from ginger, palm sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, and coconut milk. It tastes sweet and savory. Sarabba is usually served warm with a free-range chicken egg yolk on top.

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