Do You Know? Various Foods from Indonesia

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Besides its beautiful natural wealth, Indonesia also has a lot of delicious food! This food comes from various regions in Indonesia. Here are some of them.

Padang Rice

Padang rice, which is usually accompanied by a variety of side dishes, boiled cassava leaves, and curry spices, tastes delicious. One of the famous Padang rice dishes in the world is beef rendang.


This dish consists of a mixture of boiled vegetables smothered in thick peanut sauce. Usually equipped with pieces of boiled eggs and crackers.


This Yogyakarta special food is made from young jackfruit. It tastes good and tends to be sweet. Usually served with chicken opor, tofu, or egg, with krecek fried chili sauce.

Yellow Rice

The rice, which is seasoned with spices in the form of bay leaves, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and coconut milk, tastes delicious and savory. Usually eaten with fried chicken, omelette, perkedel, and tempeh orek.

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Sate is meat that is cut into small pieces and pierced by bamboo or sticks and burned. After that, they are given peanut sauce or soy sauce with chili and tomato slices. Satay is usually eaten with lontong or rice.


There are many regions in Indonesia that have Soto dishes. Soto is a soupy meat dish and tastes delicious. Each type of soup is served differently. Some are equipped with rice noodles, lontong, ketupat, bean sprouts, eggs, and so on.


Porridge made from this is a typical food of Maluku and Papua. Papeda is usually served with tuna in the yellow sauce.

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