Do You Know? Banyumas Typical Food

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Besides having interesting tourist attractions, Banyumas Regency also has delicious and unique food. Wow, what kind of food, huh? Come on, let’s find out!

Sroto Sokaraja

Sroto Sokaraja is a typical sroto from Banyumas, to be precise from Sokaraja City. This sroto is made from meat mixed with bean sprouts, and crackers. Uniquely, if soto is usually served with rice, Sokaraja’s sroto is actually served with diamonds. The ketupat is also mixed in the soto sauce with other ingredients.

Well, what distinguishes Sokaraja sroto from other soups is that there is a mixture of peanut sauce in the sauce. This peanut sauce makes the sroto taste slightly sweet. Oh yes, the sauce served is also in the form of peanut sauce.

Fried Getuk (Getuk Goreng)

Have you ever tried getuk? Food made from cassava is usually made by steaming. However, the typical getuk of Sokaraja, Banyumas, is processed in a slightly different way. Not only steamed but this getuk is also fried until brown.

Because it is fried, the taste of this getuk is different from other getuks. This fried getuk is not only sweet but also savory and crunchy when you bite it. Well, fried getuk is best served while it’s still warm and eaten with hot tea. Nice!


Well, there’s another cake from Banyumas, namely nopia. Nopia is made from round flour, filled with brown sugar, then baked.

The taste of nopia is very unique. When bitten it feels crunchy. However, when it reaches the center of the cake, we will feel the brown sugar which is soft and legit.

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Tempe Mendoan

In addition to sweet foods, Banyumas also have special foods with savory flavors. Mendoan is a typical Banyumas fried tempeh. This fried tempeh is cooked in a very unique way.

Tempeh is fried with batter flour, but not dry. Tempe mendoan served a bit wet but still cooked. Oh yes, usually the tempeh used is thin tempeh which is specially made for mendoan.

Jenang Jaket

This snack is given the name jaket not because of wearing clothes. however, the jaket is an abbreviation of the jenang asli ketan (original sticky rice jenang). Yup, this jenang is made from glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, and brown sugar.

To make jenang jaket takes a long time. No wonder the resulting jenang is very soft and has a distinctive sweet taste. Oh yes, it’s easy to find this jenang jaket. Besides being sold in food stores, jenang jaket is usually provided in various events and celebrations.

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