Do You Know? The Five Colored Monkey from the Vietnam Jungle

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Although living in the forest, this monkey always looks with makeup on its face. Wow, does this monkey-like dress-up?

  • This beautiful monkey is known as the red-shanked douc langur. While the Latin name Pygathrix nemaeus.
  • This beautiful monkey comes from the jungles of Vietnam. In Vietnamese, this monkey is called Vooc Ngu Sac, which means monkey of five colors.
  • The appearance of this beautiful monkey is like wearing special clothes, so some call it a costumed ape.
  • The monkey’s feet are red like wearing socks. Then, on the hands covered with white fur, as if wearing gloves.
  • Uniquely, this monkey’s face looks like makeup! Its eyelids are like using eye shadow. It cheeks are like wearing powder. Hi hi hi…funny, yes!
  • This beautiful monkey has almost similar relatives, namely the gray gray-shanked langur (Pygathix cinereus) and the black black-shanked douc langur (Pygathix nigripes).
  • The male monkey weighs 10-11 kg, while the female monkey weighs 8 kg.
  • The length of the tail of this beautiful monkey is the same as the length of its body.
  • This monkey looks for food during the day (diurnal). Its diet includes small tender leaves, flowers, and fruits.
  • Unfortunately, the population of this beautiful monkey is decreasing. It is an endangered animal.
  • This beautiful monkey is hunted by many poachers.

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