Do You Know? Various Types of Bottled Drinking Water

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Today, there are lots of packaged drinks for sale. There are so-called mineral water, alkaline water, isotonic water, and many more. Hmm…what exactly is the difference between each bottled water? Let’s find out, let’s go!

Mineral Water

Currently, many people consume mineral water for daily drinking. The source of water that is processed into mineral water usually comes from mountain springs.

The mineral content is calcium, sodium, selenium, potassium, silica, and zinc. These minerals are beneficial for our bodies. For example, to maintain healthy bones and muscles, maintain endurance and immunity, as well as for nerve health.


Isotonic drinking water is usually drunk after we exercise. This type of drinking water can replace body fluids that have come out through sweat when we exercise.

The content of this drink is very easily absorbed by our bodies. Isotonic drinking water can restore the condition of body fluids in a short time. So, our bodies are not dehydrated or dehydrated. Oh yes, coconut water is included in the type of natural isotonic drink.

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Friends, of course, already know this type of drink. Yes, people often call it coke. There are many types of soft drinks on the market. It tastes different.

When in the manufacturing process, this drink is added carbon dioxide gas. This gas makes carbonated water a hiss, looks bubbly, and feels “krenyes-krenyes” in the mouth when we drink.


Well, this is drinking water that is good for our bodies. Alkaline water has a higher acidity or pH level than ordinary mineral water. On the packaging, it usually says the pH is more than 8.

This water can help neutralize acids in the body, also maintain the amount of fluid in the body, keep the body from dehydration, improve blood flow in the body, and even maintain bone health.

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